We are a family-owned investment firm with an entrepreneurial, active ownership approach.

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Current investments

We have been present in Central and Eastern Europe through private-equity investments since 1995. Our owners and investors are a Swedish entrepreneurial family. They have instilled in Oresa a strong culture of openness, fairness and trust, as well as a great deal of respect for visionary entrepreneurs and managers.

Our current core market is Romania, where we hold majority or significant stakes in a broad portfolio of companies. Over the years, we have invested more than EUR 200 million in equity in over 25 companies. More than EUR 150 million in equity were invested in Romania alone.

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Oresa is financed and managed by people who have built businesses, by entrepreneurs. They are not just financiers. They know when to ask for results and when to offer more time for the business to grow.

- Sorin Miron, CEO Somaco


The kind of capital we provide does not stop at money.

  • Long-term capital
  • Focus on people
  • Real business lessons
  • Active ownership
  • M&A expertise
  • Informality
  • Strict business ethics

Investment strategy

We invest in companies with market leadership potential, where we believe our expertise can add value

By sector

Due to our active ownership style, we strongly prefer those sectors where we can leverage the experience we have gained in the past 20 years. This means that we usually pursue opportunities in business services, financial services, construction, FMCG, but we will also consider other sectors if they prove sufficiently attractive.

By deal and structuring

The deals we usually consider are in the range of EUR 5-15 million equity investment, but we are flexible if an attractive opportunity requires larger amounts. Our long-term approach demands that short-term profit has to yield to long-term, value-enhancing opportunities. This means we are able to consider longer holding periods than the standard 4-5 years of private equity funds.

By choice of partners

Our approach is for us to be the controlling shareholder or share control with like-minded partners. Therefore, we place great importance on the quality of the entrepreneurs and managers we work with. We seek knowledgeable, smart and visionary entrepreneurs, who are willing to embark on long-term, ambitious ventures.

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