We are a family-owned investment firm with an entepreneurial, active ownership approach.

Oresa has a long track record in developing successful companies alongside Romanian entrepreneurs. Together with Oresa, we want to take RBC into the next stage of growth

- Andrei Bojita, CEO and shareholder RBC

The purpose of entrepreneurs like me is more than just money. This is why the chemistry mattered. We shared the same vision and values. We connected at a human level.

- Anca Bidian, CEO and founder Kiwi Finance

We have been present in Central and Eastern Europe through private equity investments since 1995. Our owners and investors are a Swedish entrepreneurial family. They have instilled in Oresa a strong culture of openness, fairness and trust, as well as a great deal of respect for visionary entrepreneurs and managers.

Our current core market is Romania, where we hold majority or significant stakes in a broad portfolio of companies. Over the years, we have invested more than EUR 200 million in equity in over 25 companies. Over EUR 150 million in equity were invested in Romania alone.

But what sets us apart is our being an investment company, not a fund with a limited lifetime. This means we partner with entrepreneurs and
managers for the long term, to create great businesses. We build value by using solid business models and by being highly flexible in regard to our investment horizon, the size of our deals and our transaction structures.

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