Fabryo-Atlas Paints: Leading the decorative coatings market

Fabryo-Atlas Paints: Leading the decorative coatings market

Year of investment

2006, 2008, 2009, 2012


Exited Investment

A national, then a European number one

Fabryo-Atlas Paints is the leading decorative coatings manufacturer in Romania, providing also a full range of finishing and insulating materials. The company sell its products under very well-known brands such as savana, APLA, Innenweiss or Rost and enjoys an excellent reputation in the construction materials market.

We first invested in the company in 2006, when it was called Guzuchim, and became partner with the founder Daniel Guzu. The initial investment was followed by additional acquisitions of shares, until we became the sole shareholder of the company, renamed Fabryo Corporation in the meantime.

At the end of 2012, Fabryo merged with one of its most important competitors, Atlas Paints. The merger has created an even clearer leader of the decorative coatings market. The resulting company is also able to offer its customers a considerably extended range of products, covering most stages of a building’s construction or renovation. Following the merger, Oresa has remained a majority shareholder of the company and became partner with the Greek origins group Chroma Holdings.

In 2018, Fabryo was 100% acquired by Akzo Nobel, one of the leading coatings producers in the world, and the leader of the European decorative coatings market.

Key facts 2017:

  • Product portfolio: decorative coatings, adhesives and mortars, hydro and thermo-insulating products
  • Turnover of approximately EUR 45 m
  • Approximately 400 employees
  • Investments of more than EUR 20 m into one of the largest and most modern decorative paint factories in Central and Eastern Europe

Main achievements with Oresa:

  • Becoming the clear leader of the Romanian decorative coatings market
  • Dominant brands: savana, APLA, Inneweiss, in the top 10 of awareness and loyalty in the deco market, with savana clear category leader
  • Atlas Paints merger and integration
  • Building of the most complete product portfolio and the largest sales and distribution network in the market

The merger with Atlas Paints transformed Fabryo into a distant market leader on the deco paint market and has allowed the company to form a complete range of finishing, insulating and decorative solutions for constructions. Oresa’s team has championed and coordinated the transaction with Atlas, and also contributed to the integration of the two businesses with knowledge and experience accumulated during similar projects in their portfolio. The Fabryo-Atlas integration was a particularly challenging project, with 2 production platforms and 4 manufacturing lines consolidated into one supply chain, 8 branches re-designed into 5 logistic centers, portfolio integration of over 900 SKUs and brands’ repositioning, consolidation of the sales and distribution networks.

Dragos Militaru, CEO Fabryo-Atlas Paints