The kind of capital we provide does not stop at money.

Strict business ethics

Our partners need to adhere to the code of integrity and fairness that we believe in. We stubbornly stick to this rule both when choosing new investments and when advising on the operation of our companies.


When it comes to our shareholders and managers we are always straightforward and just a phone call away. We encourage our companies to work in the same way with their partners and employees. We support a direct and incisive approach and a business-focused work environment.

M&A expertise

We have a strong track record of successfully carrying out add-on mergers and post-merger integrations of our companies. We are constantly looking for such market opportunities.

Active ownership

We engage in open and direct collaboration with the management team and fellow shareholders. We establish boards of directors for our companies and we contribute to corporate governance structures that stimulate fast decision-making. While the management in our companies has full ownership of business decisions we are always available as sparring partners. We challenge them provide input or simply reassure them in their decisions.

Real business lessons

For the past 20 years we have invested in over 35 companies in Central and Eastern Europe. We know when to use our own experience for support and when to bring in the experts but we also know when to trust the entrepreneurs. At our core we are entrepreneurs and business people ourselves not finance and banking professionals.

Focus on people

Even the best strategy is useless without skilled managers to execute it. In time we learned that our focus in any new company should be building a solid organization with skilled and motivated managers and employees. We invest much of our time on subjects such as recruiting and developing people and in creating healthy work cultures in our companies.

Long-term capital

We invest for the long term focusing on lasting value creation instead of on short-term gains. We thrive on creating market leaders. Of course this doesnt happen overnight. It takes hard work and persistence and we are there to support our managers and entrepreneurs along the way.

Investment strategy

We invest in companies with market leadership potential, where we believe our expertise can add value

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