Kiwi Finance: The leading loans broker in Romania

Kiwi Finance: The leading loans broker in Romania

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Pioneering another business in financial services

Kiwi Finance is the leading cash and mortgage loans broker on the Romanian market.

In 2006, we teamed up with the founder and CEO of the company, Anca Bidian, to finance the national expansion of the sales network, the development of the organization and the marketing efforts. Since then, the company has expanded its distribution footprint from 7 sales offices to more than 50 (including franchises), has developed a leading financial services brand, and has implemented a consistent multichannel approach: own sales force, franchises, online, partnerships with third parties for lead generation.

Key facts 2017:

  • More than EUR 150 m in brokered retail loan sales
  • Over 150 sales consultants (own and in franchises)
  • Working with 20 banks, representing together more than 70% of the Romanian banking system

Main achievements with Oresa:

  • Expansion of the market share and geographical reach even during the difficult times: from 7 sales offices in 2007 to more than 50 (including franchises) in 2017
  • Building a brand – Kiwi Finance – with dominant awareness and reputation in retail loans brokerage in Romania: over 200,000 clients got access to loans through Kiwi since 2006
  • Tight connection with banks: part of the pre-scoring and processing flows, input in products and scoring design
  • Very professional and loyal management and core sales team

Oresa’s support for the company during the economic downturn of 2009-2012 was very important. Together with them, we have decided to see the difficult times as an opportunity and to implement a market share growth strategy: we have increased the geographical coverage of the sales network, diversified the sales and lead generation channels, strengthened the relation with the dynamic banks of the sector, continued to invest in the quality of our services. As a result, Kiwi is now a clear leader of the loans brokers segment.

Anca Bidian, CEO and founder Kiwi Finance