La Fantana: water and coffee office solutions

La Fantana: water and coffee office solutions

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Building markets from the ground up

La Fantana is the leading water cooler and coffee office solutions provider in both Romania and Serbia and one of the largest operations of its kind in Europe. The company has a long-standing track record of growth (both organic and via acquisitions).

We made our investment in La Fantana in 2016, when together with founder and CEO Cristian Amza we acquired it from the private equity fund Innova Capital. We continue to support the company in its strategy based on holding a strong position in water services and expanding into new lines of business from this position, leveraging its large client base and logistics infrastructure. A recent example is the development of Office Coffee Solutions and launch of its own brand of coffee Kafune, distributed in B2B and Horeca, and which already gained strong awareness in the Romanian and Serbian markets.

Key facts 2017:

  • Sales of EUR 46m
  • 130,000 BWC and POU watercooler and 15,000 coffee machines in direct channel
  • 125 million liters of water delivered annually from three water factories

Main achievements with Oresa:

  • Launch and investments in building own coffee brand Kafune
  • Introduction of new products and solutions for the workplace both in water and coffee categories
  • Investments in expansion of service center and logistics platform