La Fantana: reinventing water consumption

La Fantana: reinventing water consumption

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Building markets from the ground up

In 2001, we joined forces with Cristian Amza to establish the leading water cooler company on the Romanian market. Having successfully cemented its market leading position in Romania, La Fantana launched a green-field operation in Serbia.

Together we made a substantial investment commitment to both markets. La Fantana built three bottling plants equipped with high-end technologies. They developed a complete distribution and logistics system with state-of-the-art software. Most importantly, Cristian Amza built solid management teams in both markets.

By the time we sold the company to a financial investor, La Fantana had become one of the largest water cooler companies in South Eastern Europe.

Key facts:

  • More than 45,000 coolers installed
  • More than 4,500,000 five-gallon bottles delivered to customers
  • Annualized revenue growth 2001-2006 of +90%
  • Industry-leading profitability margins