Librus: technology for education

Librus: technology for education

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Bringing schools into the 21st century

Librus is a leading educational company in Poland. Its products enable schools to not only manage grades, attendance and communication to students and parents more efficiently, but to also support teaching and learning processes using new technologies. The company sells and installs a range of internet-based applications allowing for seamless communication between teachers, parents, students and school principals.

We exited the company in 2015 to the Boston-based Public Consulting Group (PCG).

Key facts:

  • Almost 2 million students and parents have access to the company’s products
  • More than 100,000 of school principals, teachers and school administrators using Librus’ Student Information System
  • More than 2,200 schools have installed Librus’ Student Information System
  • Over 10,000 schools are Librus’ clients using its products and services
  • Librus is the only company in Poland with an integrated cloud-based solution (SIS, e-learning platform, e-secretary and e-certificates) already implemented in a number of schools.

Marcin Kempka, CEO of Librus:

We have continuously developed our products to the benefit of all our partners in the Polish education system. I would like to thank Oresa Ventures for an excellent partnership over the last 5 years. From the outset, they have believed in our opportunity and has enabled us to invest substantially in developing our organization and our products. 5 years ago, Librus was a small company operating in a niche. Today, Librus is a recognized market leader with partnership with leading Polish and international companies active in the education system. With PCG, we are opening a new chapter and will be able to further accelerate our learning management capabilities and continue to grow.