Somaco: Largest precast manufacturer in Romania

Somaco: Largest precast manufacturer in Romania

Year of investment

2008, 2013


Exited Investment

Good things come to those who weather the bad times

Somaco is the leading precast concrete manufacturer in Romania, ensuring a national coverage with its 5 precast factories. Furthermore, Somaco is one of the large manufacturers of AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) blocks, with a factory in Adjud, Moldova region.

We made our first investment in Somaco in 2008, when we acquired three fully-operating factories, as well as the Somaco brand, from the then-listed company Somaco SA. We continued the investments by acquiring one factory in Teius in 2011, from G&D Preffabricati, and two more factories in Timisoara and Targoviste in 2014 from Europrefabricate.

Somaco’s precast products cover a large range of construction solutions for civil and industrial construction (pillars, beams, floors), infrastructure (bridge elements, subway rings, electricity poles), sewage systems (pipes, manholes), while the AAC arm offers masonry solutions.

Key facts 2017:

  • Sales of EUR 51 m
  • Production capacity of over 350,000 cubic meters of AAC per year and over 130,000 cubic meters of precast concrete per year
  • Approximately 700 employees in six factories in Romania (Roman, Buzau, Adjud, Targoviste, Teius and Timisoara)

Main achievements with Oresa:

  • Acquisition of three new factories during the economic downturn, thus achieving market leadership in Romania
  • Introduction of new product lines and growth of production capacities following investments of more than EUR 20 m during 2009-2018
  • Turnover growth from EUR 16 m in 2010 to EUR 51 m in 2017

Oresa has encouraged us to take benefit of the difficult times of the market and execute a growth and market consolidation strategy. With their support, we have acquired three new factories during a short period of time, negotiated the acquisition financing agreements with banks, integrated the operations and teams. We have also introduced new product lines and invested in growth of production capacities. Due to this bold approach, Somaco is now the clear market leader of the prefabricated concrete market, able to execute complex projects everywhere in Romania.

Sorin Miron, CEO Somaco