Oresa is a private investment company controlled by a Swedish entrepreneurial family

Oresa is a private investment company controlled by a Swedish entrepreneurial family, active in Central and Eastern Europe since 1995 with a strong presence and investment interest in Romania.
Our owners have instilled in Oresa a strong culture of openness, fairness and trust, as well as a great deal of respect for visionary entrepreneurs and managers.

What we do
We aim to build great businesses and have contributed to the strengthening of market-leading companies, either by acquiring full ownership and growing strong management teams, or by partnering with existing entrepreneurs.

We have a successful history of providing solutions to shareholders that need buy-out capital for succession and to companies that need capital for growth. In addition to capital, we bring and share our knowledge accumulated over years in several geographies, sectors, business models and deals and also bring access to an extended business and professional network. We invest our own capital and can be highly flexible in regard to our investment horizon, the size of our deals and our transaction structures.

Currently Oresa has significant shareholdings in market leaders with combined sales of over EUR 130 million and over 1,500 employees:

  • Romanian Business Consult (specialized IT solution for retail, banking and industrial sectors) www.rbc.com.ro
  • La Fantana (water and coffee solutions for offices and direct to home) www.lafantana.ro
  • Via Trend(ready-to-eat meals) www.viatrend.ro

We were shareholders and had a substantial contribution to the successful growth of several other companies such as: Somaco, Fabryo, Duraziv, Kiwi Finance, Credisson, Motoractive, RTC, Churchill Media, Brewery Holding (Ciuc)

Local team
Oresa works with a local team that has extensive experience in transactions, business strategy and operational improvements projects, accumulated in many years of working together in Oresa and in previous reputable professional firms. They also have vast experience from working with entrepreneurs, management teams, board of directors across economic or business cycles, be it in good times or more challenging times for our companies.

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